Who We Are


Mad Hatters!
The saying "mad as a hatter" (Alice in Wonderland) refers to the peculiar feature common at some point of time among the hatters where the mercury that was used in production of some hats damaged their nervous systems, and made them... slightly mad. 

Now we´re not saying we are mad, nevertheless a little peculiar.

Villawool is a family company established in Helsinki, Finland back in 1975. Still run by the Tikkanen family we only make hand made products right here at our own factory on the beautiful baltic island of Saaremaa. We only use 100% merino wool and cotton. The best technical feature our products have is Naturalness!

Matti and Ranja started this story in the 70´s with a tiny hand knitted collection for local stores in Helsinki. Soon their crazy innovative ideas spread throughout Scandinavia and Europe. After ten years of production and hippie life, the hats were sold all over the world, Helsinki - Munich - Zürich - Montreal - New York - Tokyo.

100% Craftsmanship Hand Made Family Tradition!

Today here at the factory the second generation is rolling! New world, new styles, timeless designs! Still by the family, still to the finest people in the world! Every single product ecologically hand made for you, by us, Villawool 2012-2013.


fam. Tikkanen

40 years of hat making - The story behind Villawool...